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Nashville Spa Covers

Jacuzzi® Premium J-355 J-365 Spa Cover 91H x 84 Original Hinge Build

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This Listing is for a Jacuzzi Premium J-355 or J-365 Spa that Measures A=91H X B=84. This Cover is opposite hinge meaning the hinge length is the length of the longest side not the shortest side so check your cover and be sure this is correct. If you want to have the hinge build go to the standard hinge verison click here 84H x 91 11R . The Radius C=11R The Shirt length is 6" Standard but you can choose other lengths. The Standard Cover Version is 1.5Lb Foam with a 4-2 Taper. We recommend this foam density as a standard cover. You would upgrade to a 2.0LB cover if your tub is sunken in a deck.

Here you can choose to pick up the cover, have it delivered locally in the Nashville and Surrounding Areas, have it shipped to a business or the local trucking terminal or have it shipped to your home.

It costs about 75.00 more to have it shipped to your home rather than a business. The price for these shipping services is included in the pricing below when you choose a particular shipping method.

Note: See the local shipping page for where we consider local shipping.

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